program Volunteer Cambodia: Village and Elephant Program
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Volunteer Cambodia: Village and Elephant Program

Siem Reap, Cambodia
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Warm air and smiling faces, temple incense and robed monks on the evening tuk-tuk ride to your hostel, these will be your first impressions of Siem Reap located beside the alluring temples and World Heritage listed ruins of Angkor Wat. Savor these moments, you will never forget them!

This is an international volunteering experience like no other. And working as a volunteer at the elephant sanctuary is where you can make a real difference! You will be working with elephants that have been rescued from horrible conditions in the illegal logging industry.

There is no more joyous way to wake up, in your bungalow and hear elephants trumpeting in the morning. You walk and bathe them, harvest their food, prepare it and feed them. You will also have the chance to do volunteer work with the local anti-logging patrol and the temple monks. The monks will bless orange cloth for you to tie around the trees. The cloth is sacred and the loggers are reluctant to cut trees that have been blessed by the monks.

Your international volunteer experience does not have to end there. There are other animals such as monkeys, gibbons, and homeless dogs that you will also be caring for. In the afternoon you can relax in the hammocks or play volleyball with the locals living on the sanctuary.

During the first week, you are in a Cambodian village where you work with the locals, building and repairing houses and classrooms. This is not like a tourist holiday in Cambodia. You will be working with and getting to know the locals. You’ll visit a local carnival with Ferris wheel and roller coaster, if you’re brave! You will prepare lunch in village homes, and eat it with the community, work at the village school, play sport and help improve the children’s vital English skills.

Your nights are spent in local restaurants, enjoying a well-earned massage or even watching a “lady boy” show! You will enjoy language classes and a history lesson on the Khmer people, watch Aspara dancing and discover the joy of Cambodian “happy” pants and the unquenchable friendliness of the Cambodian people.

Your time in Cambodia wouldn’t be complete without exploring the ancient complex of Angkor Wat and surrounding temples and having the option to be blessed by a Cambodian monk.

Working alongside parents, teachers, kids, grandparents, welcomed with open arms in the local community you will find more happiness than you ever imagined.

International volunteering in Cambodia, it's an experience like no other!

Arrival Day Departure Day Status
05-Feb-17 18-Feb-17 FULL
07-May-17 20-May-17 Vacancies
14-May-17 27-May-17 Vacancies
21-May-17 03-Jun-17 Vacancies
28-May-17 10-Jun-17 Vacancies
04-Jun-17 17-Jun-17 FULL
11-Jun-17 24-Jun-17 Vacancies
18-Jun-17 01-Jul-17 Vacancies
25-Jun-17 08-Jul-17 FULL
02-Jul-17 15-Jul-17 Vacancies
09-Jul-17 22-Jul-17 Vacancies
16-Jul-17 29-Jul-17 Vacancies
23-Jul-17 05-Aug-17 FULL
30-Jul-17 12-Aug-17 FULL
12-Nov-17 25-Nov-17 FULL
19-Nov-17 02-Dec-17 Vacancies
26-Nov-17 09-Dec-17 Vacancies
03-Dec-17 16-Dec-17 Vacancies
10-Dec-17 23-Dec-17 Vacancies
17-Dec-17 30-Dec-17 Vacancies
24-Dec 17 06-Dec-17 Vacancies
31-Dec-17 13-Jan-18 Vacancies
07-Jan-18 20-Jan-18 Vacancies
14-Jan-18 27-Jan-18 Vacancies
21-Jan-18 03-Feb-18 Vacancies
28-Jan-18 10-Feb-18 FULL
04-Feb-18 17-Feb-18 FULL

Arrival and Departure Airport

The program commencement date is the arrival day and the last day of the program is the departure day .You will land and depart at Siem Reap International Airport (REP), Cambodia.

On arrival day you can land any time between 8am – 12am (midnight) and there will be a Team Leader meeting you at the airport.

On departure day you can fly out any time between 8am – 12am (midnight) and you will be returned to the airport to catch your flight.

Participants are responsible for their own transfer and accommodation arrangements if arrival is prior to the program commencement day. Alternate times can be arranged but may incur an additional cost.

If you are landing outside this pick time contact us at

For ANY Reach Out Volunteer program extensions either before or after your program, please check ARRIVAL, DEPARTURE and AIRPORT details on that project page and confirm with prior to making any bookings.


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Travel insurance is strongly recommended. It is recommended to purchase travel insurance as soon as you've been accepted for your program or at least by the time you pay your Progress Payment or book your flights. When you volunteer abroad it is important to ensure that your policy includes emergency medical evacuation as well as program and flight cancellation.

We suggest that you check the policy you intend to purchase and make sure it has at least the following benefits (these amounts are listed as a guide only);

  • Overseas medical costs, minimum cover $1,000,000.00. (For US citizens this level of cover may not be available.)
  • Emergency medical transport and repatriation $500,000.00
  • Cancellation costs $3,500.00
  • Trip interruption costs $2,500.00
Flights and Insurance
Extension Description
Volunteer Cambodia: Elephant Sanctuary - 7 Days
Make a real difference working with elephants that have been rescued from horrible conditions in the illegal logging industry.
Volunteer Cambodia: Village Development - 7 Days
Volunteering in rural communities you will help rebuild houses and schools that are falling down around the villagers.
Volunteer Cambodia: Village Immersion - 14 Days
You will be building homes for poor families, classrooms for impoverished schools and teaching and playing sport with the children.
Volunteer Cambodia: Scuba Diving & Community Immersion - 14 Days
In addition to marine conservation, our volunteers help with teaching and building projects in the community.
Volunteer Cambodia: Village Development and Elephant Program - 14 Days
This international volunteer project is the perfect combination of wildlife conservation and community development.
Teaching: Cambodia - Siem Reap - 28 Days
On this volunteer program you will have the opportunity to run educational classes alongside local teachers.
Cambodian Island Scuba Diving & Elephant Program - 28 Days
On this 28 day adventure you will be surrounded by happy people, majestic wildlife and live on a tropical island.
Asian Volunteering Adventure - 35 Days
This is an opportunity for the adventurous traveller to experience diverse cultures in some of the most stunning landscapes in Asia.

Itinerary Overview

Day 1: Sunday - Arrival Day

Your team leader will be waiting for you outside the arrivals area of Siem Reap airport. They will be holding an ROV sign and wearing an ROV shirt, so you can’t miss them! If you get in before noon, enjoy a guided walking tour around Siem Reap. Once you are settled into your accommodation, you will have free time.

Optional activities in Siem Reap:

  • Explore the several markets around the city.
  • Relax by the pool.
  • See the pagodas and temples.
  • Enjoy a foot or back massage for as cheap as $5!
  • Experience the excitement of Pub Street.
  • Meals Included: Breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • Accommodation: Hotel.

Days 2-4: Monday to Wednesday - Project Work at the Local Schools

These are full working days at the local schools. Different tasks include mixing concrete, laying bricks, painting, or sawing and hammering to complete various construction and beautification projects.

Volunteers have free time in the evenings. Your local team leader may schedule a language class, history lesson, outing to the carnival or to the circus on these nights.

  • Meals Included: Breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • Accommodation: Hotel.

Day 5: Thursday - Angkor Wat

All volunteers will have a guided tour of Angkor Wat, beginning at sunrise.

After the tour, volunteers will have free time. Many choose to rest after a long day of exploring the temples!

Volunteers who choose to purchase the Tonle Sap Add-On will visit the floating villages after the Angkor Wat tour.

  • Meals Included: Breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • Accommodation: Hotel.

Day 6: Friday - Final Day at the Schools

Volunteers will spend their final day finishing their outlined projects. After work, there will be a goodbye ceremony with the children and teachers where people are welcome to say a few words, hand out donations, or just play and relax with the children after a long week of hard work!

  • Meals Included: Breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • Accommodation: Hotel.

Day 7: Saturday - Free Day

Saturday is a free day for volunteers. The following add-on is available for Saturday but not mandatory:

  • Kulan Mountain – Swim under a massive waterfall in the middle of the Cambodian jungle

Volunteers who do not choose to buy an add-on may stay in Siem Reap and enjoy free time.

  • Meals Included: Breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • Accommodation: Hotel.

Day 8: Sunday - Transport to Elephant Sanctuary

After breakfast, the volunteers will be transported to the elephant sanctuary - approximately a 2.5-hour trip.

Once we arrive, enjoy a tour of the elephant sanctuary and get settled in your bungalows.

Before dinner, volunteers will prepare food for and feed the elephants.

In the evening, volunteers have free time.

Optional activities include:

  • Play cards.
  • Play games.
  • Watch a movie.
  • Read a book.
  • Your team leader will arrange large group activities for everyone to enjoy at night.
  • Meals Included: Breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • Accommodation: Bungalow.

Days 9-12: Monday-Thursday - Project Work at the Sanctuary

Volunteers will participate in several projects including planting trees and food for the animals and people living on the sanctuary, weeding the fields, cutting sugar cane, building a firebreak, constructing houses for the rangers, building dams to create baths for the elephants, and joining them for a cool down in these baths!

Your team leader will arrange for your group to visit a local school on one of these days to work alongside the local teachers and play with the children.

Every evening, the volunteers will prepare and feed the elephants dinner.

After the volunteers eat dinner, there will be a short documentary shown either about the sanctuary or the plight of these elephants rescued from the illegal logging industry.

Volunteers have free time after the documentary.

  • Meals Included: Breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • Accommodation: Bungalow.

Day 13: Friday - Final Day at the Sanctuary

Volunteers will complete their project work in the morning. After a final feeding and time to say goodbye to the elephants, the volunteers will be transported back to Siem Reap.

The remainder of the day is a free day to enjoy exploring Siem Reap.

  • Meals Included: Breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • Accommodation: Hotel.

Day 14: Saturday - Departure Day

You will be dropped off at the airport with ample time before your flight. Please be ready and waiting in the lobby with your luggage at the time allocated by your team leader.

  • Meals Included: Breakfast, lunch and dinner.

What’s Included:

  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner each day.
  • All drinking water.
  • All accommodation.
  • All on ground transport.
  • All program activities unless specified as optional.
  • Building project materials.


Week one: You will be staying at a hotel in the center of Siem Reap city, which is close to restaurants, markets and shops. Volunteers will be separated in rooms by gender, in twin or triple share rooms. All linen, pillows, towels provided. Rooms have own private bathrooms, and doors with locks. Hotel comes with unlimited drinking water and snacks. Venue also has 24 hour security and wifi availability.

Week two: Bungalow accommodation on site at the Elephant Sanctuary. Volunteers in triple share accommodation separated by gender. Bungalows include bedding and mosquito nets.