Flights and Insurance

Let me take the stress out of your bookings!

My name is Hayley I am the person who will make sure you land on the right day at the right airport and that a smiling face is waiting for you. I am not a travel agent but I am a very experienced traveller. Let me find the best flights for you. Sometimes I can save you hundreds of dollars. I can also help you arrange travel insurance.

To use this service

just log into your ROV account and press the Add OnsTab. I am on the top!

Here’s how I can help

  • I look for flights that work for you. A good flight means that;
    • you land at the right airport on the right day!
    • you have a reliable airline,
    • you have a reliable booking agency,
    • there are minimum stops and shorter connections,
    • you use single carriers to avoid delayed/missed flights and lost luggage issues.
  • Some times it is cheaper to land a day early or leave a day late. I arrange it all including any extra accommodation.
  • I call you and together we book your flights during the call.
  • I locate appropriate travel insurance for you to purchase.
  • I can arrange quotes for any expensive items like cameras etc.
  • I confirm your airport collection on arrival.
  • I confirm your return trip to the airport on departure day.

And, I enter all the details into you online profile including critical items like your insurance policy number and mobile number and so that it can be accessed in an emergency if needed.

The cost for the above is USD$129.00

If you want my help just log into your profile click the add ons tab and purchase the booking service.

If you are comfortable booking your own flights, you can purchase travel insurance at the same time.