8 Day Siem Reap Uncovered

  • Duration: 8 DAY(S)
  • Type: Teaching, Volunteer –
  • Project Rating:
  • Physical Rating:
    – Very low fitness level required

Experience the very best of Siem Reap on a journey you will remember for a lifetime. Suitable for Volunteers and for Teachers.


This program is designed to show you the best of Siem Reap from tourist attractions such as Angkor Wat to Tonle Sap and Kulan Mountain. You will be accompanied by our highly experienced local guides and team leaders. You will get to meet the locals at the ROV School and leave your mark by helping to build vital infrastructure or by teaching at the ROV school. Lunch is served with the locals in the community most days and of an evening you will experience some amazing local restaurants which are owned and operated by local families.  

Every part of this trip is designed to ensure your money goes towards supporting local families from the tuk-tuk drivers we use each day to the builders, restaurants, guides, etc.

You will leave this program with a new insight and passion for the Cambodian people and their culture/history. 

Don't miss your opportunity to leave your mark and make lifelong friends in the process.

Basic Itinerary
DAY 1 Itinerary

Sunday: You can arrive anytime on the first day. If you have purchased the airport collection Add-On your team leader will be waiting for you at the airport in Siem Reap. Alternatively, you can meet us at the accommodation listed in your 4 weeks prior to the program email. There is a walking tour of Siem Reap in the afternoon and a group dinner giving everyone a chance to get to know each other. Meals included: Dinner

DAY 2 Itinerary

Monday: This morning you will travel by tuk-tuk to the ROV Community School which is just outside Siem Reap. There you will have an orientation tour of the ROV school and local community village. You will get to meet Chhaiky the principal who has helped grow the ROV school from 30 students to over 300 students. All students at the ROV school are receiving a free education thanks to people like you joining our programs.  After dinner, there will be a Khmer language and history class. Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

DAY 3 Itinerary

Tuesday: Each weekday you travel by Tuk Tuk to the village school. Volunteer teachers will have the chance to discuss curriculum issues with local teachers. Other volunteers will be able to support the school development program with new classrooms and sports equipment. 

DAY 4 Itinerary

Wednesday: Some days you be busy teaching and other times you will be able to observe the activities of the local teachers.

DAY 5 Itinerary

Thursday: Enjoy a guided tour of Angkor Wat, for those who are keen you can wake up to see the sunrise over the Angkor Wat temple. It's a magical experience. Following this you will be taken on a guided tour of the temples at the Angkor Wat temple complex including the temple tomb raider was filmed at. You will be accompanied by an experienced and highly knowledge Reach Out guide.

In the afternoon if you purchased the Tonle sap add-on you will experience the amazing floating villages & stilt houses of Tonle Sap. You will finish the day with a cold drink watching the sunset over Tonle sap. This is a day not to be missed. 

DAY 6 Itinerary

Friday: Today is a great day to join in the trip to Kulen Mountain and then enjoy the Phare Acrobatic  Circus in the evening. Just take the Add On with your program

DAY 7 Itinerary

Saturday: Today is a great day to join in the trip to Kulen Mountain and then enjoy the Phare Acrobatic  Circus in the evening. Just take the Add On with your program

DAY 8 Itinerary

Sunday: Unfortunately today is the final day of the program unless you have purchased an extra night or are extending onto another ROV program. You will enjoy a relaxed breakfast reminiscing about the amazing times you have had with your group. You can depart at any time and if you purchased the airport collection and drop off add -on your team leader will drop you off at the airport in time for your flight home. Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner depending on the time of your departure flight. 

What's Included
  1. All accommodation
  2. ROV Team Leader
  3. All on ground transport Excl. airport transfers
  4. Language & History lesson
  5. Local Massage
  6. Street Food Tour Incl bug tasting
  7. Local Carnival
  8. Angkor Wat Entry
  9. Angkor Wat Guide
  10. Angkor Wat Transport
  11. Building Project
  12. ROV T-shirt x1

For more details see your Program Booklet.

Included Meals
  1. Breakfast 7
  2. Lunch 7
  3. Dinner 6
  1. Kulan Mountain ($59.95)
  2. Airport Collection and Drop-off (Siem Reap) ($20.00)
  3. Acrobatic Circus ($32.50)
  4. Floating Village ($47.50)
  5. Flight Booking Service ($65.00)
  6. Standard ROV T-Shirt (Unisex) ($10.00)
Airport Information

  • Arrival: Siem Reap International (REP) – you can arrive at any time on the arrival day. Take the Airport Add On and we will be there when you arrive.
  • Departure: Siem Reap International (REP) – you can depart at any time on the final day. Take the Airport Add On and we will return you to the airport.
  • Need help booking flights? Let us help. With over 10 years experience booking flights we can ensure you get the best value package. We can also arrange special arrival times & locations which are not available without using our booking service. As most of our volunteers use the booking service we can also try to pair you up with other travellers on the same flights.



  • Alyssa Lambert
    28 Jul 2017
    The program was amazing, I cannot wait to sign up for my next ROV project. This month in cambodia was the perfect balance between fun and work. The most memorable volunteer wise, was the relationships made with the students. But the most memorable thing within our group, was the friendships I made. It was hard getting a new group every week but it was crazy how fast everyone became friends.
  • Alyssa Dantoin
    17 Jun 2017
    "It's hard for me to explain how much I enjoyed it. Every week brought new adventures, and I became more familiar with the city. By the end of the four weeks I felt as if it had become a home away from home. More than anything, I loved my team leaders. They made everyday fun and helped us to continue to see the importance of the work we do here. This trip was more fulfilling than I could ever have expected and I am so grateful. The kids are most definitely the most memorable and enjoyable part of my trip. I love my students more than words can say and I can\'t wait to come back and hopefully see them again. I feel like my time and work was so valued by not only the reach out organization, but also by the community and the school I worked with. I hope that at the very least I have helped convince the kids in my class that what they are doing is so special, and that they have the potential to do anything they set their minds to. I hope I was able to help the administrators develop a more stable lesson plan and understand the important of structure in the school place. They have so much potential, and are already doing such great things. I hope my work helped them to see why they continue to work so hard to teach English in these villages. I had the wonderful opportunity of working a little with all the team leaders over my month here. Generally, they are all very outgoing and personable. They are so helpful when you have questions and they are the perfect balance of professional and fun. I love each and every one (with a little extra for Damdin)."
  • Chanlina Lam
    04 Feb 2017
    "I enjoyed that there were several activities planned throughout the program so that it was not just a 4-week block of teaching. This meant we worked with the teachers and students but we also had time to experience the area and the culture. The program exceeded my expectations. For example, I did not think I would have such a big role in the classroom because I thought I would just be a teaching assistant. Instead, I was asked to run the lessons, which required daily lesson plans, as well as discussions with the teacher about writing the weekly and monthly tests. The most memorable parts of the program were the connections I made with everyone, from other volunteers to team leaders, and locals. I was surprised about how much time the different programs spent time together as I thought we would only cross paths sporadically. The fact that we spent most of our time with the other volunteers meant we were able to create new friendships and experience the local culture together. I highly recommend joining an ROV project because it is such a new and exciting experience and will seriously exceed your expectations."
  • Kaitlynn Pollock
    28 Jul 2018
    "I'm studying to become a teacher and have always wanted to teach internationally so it was a perfect opportunity. I wanted to travel around SE Asia so it fit nicely. I loved it. 100% it made a difference for the kids and community. The kids were definitely the most memorable. They are all so amazing and dedicated to coming to school every day. The people that I met were also so amazing!! I'm not sure what I was expecting so I guess it was. I got to experience a few team leaders and they were all great. Adam was very helpful and responsible. Jade was amazing! She was so fun and made every day a new experience. Sam was also awesome and kind. I didn't get to spend a lot of time with him but he was always up for singing and having a good time. DD was a ton of fun as well. He made Cambodia feel like home and was always there to help. Aweaome, awesome people!"
  • Katie Fowler
    28 Jul 2017
    "I enjoyed everything. It was really nice having activities planned for us to do within the week and the weekend so we could see things throughout Cambodia outside of the city. It was pretty much what I expected it to be. I didn\'t except myself to get as attached to the children as I did, but no complaints there. The most memorable was probably meeting all the children and the new groups that came in. I made some life long friends. Damdin was amazing. He was excellent within every aspect. His organization was great, I never felt confused or stressed, his professionalism was perfect. It was a mix of knowing he was in charge but he also was a friend to us and that is exactly what I believe is needed within a job like this."
  • Katie Middleton
    02 Feb 2019
    "I chose ROV because it looked so amazing and fun. I found that ROV had the best reviews out of most of the volunteering programs I had looked at. I chose the teaching project because I am a teacher in training at university and I have always wanted to teach overseas. Hopefully one day I can again once I have graduated. I absolutely loved it. The school and the children will always have a place in my heart. I believe we all made a huge impact on their lives. My team leader was Sam for my first week. He was the most amazing team leader and I would not ask for anyone else. It was good having a local show us around the place. Sam was great!!"
  • Lauren Dudley
    28 Jul 2017
    "Interacting with the kids and watching their English progress was great, but seeing them interact with one another and form new ideas in English was even better. It was even better than expected, it showed me so much more to life and opened my eyes to places beyond what I know. Cambodia is a growing changing country that needs what we have given it and I\'m glad to have been a part. Dancing and entertaining the kids was by far the highlight, but all time spent in the classrooms and seeing them react to English for the first time will stay with me forever. The team leaders all new what they had to do 100% of the time and were not only professional but approachable, friendly and extremely welcome to explaining customs and the language. They went above what they needed to do and are all amazing people in their own way There\'s no reason not to, if you miss it now you\'ll only look back and wonder why you didn\'t do it. If someone like me can come out here and love every minute of it there\'s no reason any person wouldnt enjoy it. Not just Cambodia as it\'s gotten me excited to travel and see anywhere."
  • Lisa Berrington
    25 Dec 2017
    "I am studying to be a teacher, therefore being at the school was the best part of my trip. I didn't know what to expect, but it didn't disappoint. I had such an amazing experience at BFOK school. I was honoured to have my own classroom as well as work alongside the beautiful teachers. The children and teachers learnt so much from me as I did from them. They will be able to further expand their English, PE and math skills/knowledge from the basics that I taught. We are still in contact also, so they can continue to ask me questions. I absolutely loved everything included. Angkor wat was so beautiful and the tour guide was really knowledgable. Tonle Sap was also great and we even got to swim at the end. Overall they were all AMAZING!!! DO IT! Get out of your comfort zone and help those who are in need."
  • Melissa Jones
    28 Feb 2017
    "I enjoyed the program a lot, the combination of work with cultural activities and free days was really good. Was a lot better than expected. The most memorable parts of the program were teaching the children and eating some amazing volunteers. Working with the teachers and the students was extremely worthwhile. I feel like being there and conversing with the students and the teachers, as well as supporting them and teaching in the classroom really helped their English skills. I really enjoyed the temples, they were extremely beautiful. Tonle sap was extremely eye opening. The markets were a lot of fun too. I enjoyed the lady boy show however it went a bit far when they pulled one of the other volunteers on stage for a skit in the first week. The circus was probably one of my favourite things. Do it, it's an amazing experience and is extremely worth it."
  • Rhiannon Edwards
    04 Feb 2017
    "Seeing the smiles and happiness from the community after knowing what we were doing was so rewarding to know you made that difference From temples to traditional food and house warming parties I truly felt I was involved within the culture during my time in Cambodia. Definitely consider helping make a difference through rov. It\'s rewarding to both your self and the local communities"
  • Sarah Hext
    17 Jun 2017
    I enjoyed every aspect of the trip. Every activity that our team leaders took us to very much immersed us in the cultures that Cambodia has to offer. The children out in the village were indescribable so that alone was very much a highlight. It was originally not what I expected as I came into the trip not having a 100% idea of what I was going to be doing. But everything was amazing. It was even better than I could have ever imagined my time here being like. The most memorable parts were the kids and teaching them, tonle sap, the waterfall at kulen mountain, the cooking classes were an amazing aspect that I can take home with me. Just Cambodia as a whole was memorable, it was a trip I will never forget.
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