14 Day Elephants Village & Temples

  • Duration: 14 DAY(S)
  • Type: Tour, Wildlife Protection, Volunteer – A real adventure.
  • Project Rating:
  • Physical Rating:
    – Low - Medium fitness level.

The best of Siem Reap, Bangkok and Chiang Mai!


Three great Asian cities across two countries.  Enjoy Siem Reap and the timeless beauty of Angkor Wat. Swim under the waterfall at Kulen Mountain, a not to be missed adventure. Experience the bustle of teeming Bangkok followed by a chill-out in the quiet beauty of the Chiang Mai elephant sanctuary. You'll be immersed in the local cultures, eat and socialize with the local people and be amazed at how quickly and warmly you are embraced. 

You will meet and support Chhaiky the young and inspirational village school principal as she works to lift her community out of poverty.  At the Chiang Mai elephant sanctuary, you may meet Lek Chailert one of six Women Heroes of Global Conservation. Help sustain her mighty effort to save and expand the Asian elephant population. 

Basic Itinerary
DAY 1 Itinerary

Arrive anytime on the first day. If you have purchased the airport collection add-on your team leader will be waiting for you in an ROV shirt holding an ROV sign. Alternatively, you can meet us at the accommodation listed in your 4 week prior to program email. There is a walking tour of Siem Reap in the afternoon and a group dinner giving everyone a chance to get to know each other. Meals included: Dinner

DAY 2 Itinerary

This morning you will travel by tuk-tuk to the ROV Community School which is just outside Siem Reap. There you will have an orientation and meet Chhaiky the principal who has helped grow the ROV school from 30 students to 300 students. All students at the ROV school are receiving a free education thanks to people like you joining our programs. You will then get stuck into the project which may include building a new classroom, library, bathroom, or home for a disadvantaged family. The building projects are always reflective of the needs of the community and will vary from program to program. After dinner, you'll have a Khmer language and history class. Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

DAY 3 Itinerary

Today you'll travel by tuk-tuk back to the ROV School to continue work on the building project. Every day on the building project you will enjoy a traditional home-cooked lunch. This is supporting local village women and providing a source of employment and income for them - the food is also amazing. In the afternoon you can spend time interacting with the students at the school. They are soccer fanatics and love a good dance-off! Or for those who are interested you can learn to drive a tuk-tuk - see the add ons for more information. After dinner be treated to a relaxing traditional Khmer massage. Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

DAY 4 Itinerary

Make sure you've had a good night's sleep as you will be visiting Angkor Wat to see the sunrise! This allows for some pretty amazing Insta snaps! After seeing the breathtaking sunrise over the temples you will have a guided tour of Angkor Wat which is one of the largest religious monuments in the world, and learn about Cambodia's rich history. While on tour you'll even see the famous Ta Prohm Temple which is where Tomb Raider was filmed. On return from Angkor Wat there is free time for those who haven't purchased the Floating village add on. If you have purchased the add on you will visit the floating villages which are on the Tonle Sap lake - South East Asia's largest lake. Locals here live on houses raised by stilts, and you will enjoy a boat cruise through the villages. Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner.

DAY 5 Itinerary

This morning we are once again on our Tuk-Tuks and off to the ROV school. You will finish work on your project and then take part in a farewell party - get those tissues ready! In the afternoon you have the option of visiting a local beach and waterpark. Why not relax under a shaded awning and enjoy a cocktail. What better way to finish up your week. The evening is yours to explore Siem Reap city. You can enjoy drinks in Pub street, shop at the markets, grab a massage or dance the night away. Meals included: Breakfast & Lunch.

DAY 6 Itinerary

Breakfast at the hotel and the chance for a lazy lie-in for those who haven't purchased today's optional activities. You can then the day exploring Siem Reap at your leisure. If you have purchased the add on you will be visiting the beautiful Kulen Mountain, swimming under waterfalls, hiking the nature trails and visiting the sleeping Buddha. Finish the evening with a trip to see the acrobatic circus which is providing a creative outlet for local Cambodian's. Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

DAY 7 Itinerary

Today you'll be off to an early start as we make our way to Bangkok! Enjoy seeing the scenery as you travel through the jungles of Siem Reap, across the Thai border and make your way into the hustle and bustle of Bangkok. Settle into your accommodation and enjoy dinner out in Bangkok. Meals included: Breakfast Lunch & Dinner

DAY 8 Itinerary

Explore the vibrant city of Bankok with a visit to the Chatuchak weekend market where there are over 15,000 stalls. Make sure you've left some space in your suitcase! This evening we will visit Khao San Road which is famous for its nightlife, bucket cocktails, and local cuisine. Meals included: Breakfast Lunch & Dinner

DAY 9 Itinerary

Today we leave Bangkok and make our way to Chiang Mai, a beautiful city in the mountains of northern Thailand. Enjoy dinner out at a local restaurant. Meals included: Breakfast Lunch & Dinner

DAY 10 Itinerary

After breakfast, we make our way to the elephant sanctuary which is home to a number of elephants who have been rescued from the logging and tourism industries to be given a new chance at life. You will be given an orientation tour and spend some time settling into your new home for the next few days. During your time at the elephant sanctuary, you will be assisting in the day to day running of it. You'll help feed the elephants, wash them in the river, take them for walks, prepare their food and more. Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner.

DAY 11 Itinerary

Today is another full day at the elephant sanctuary where you will be busy hanging out with your new elephant friends and helping to take care of them. Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner.

DAY 12 Itinerary

Wake up to the sounds of elephants. Enjoy the day spending time with the elephants while you walk them, bathe them, feed them as well as assist to prepare their meals. Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner.

DAY 13 Itinerary

Spend some time this morning saying goodbye to the elephants before we make our way back to the center of Chiang Mai. There will be time to explore the tourist sites and temples in Chiang Mai and explore the markets there. You'll then enjoy dinner out as a group and spend your final night together. Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner.

DAY 14 Itinerary

Departure day. Enjoy a relaxed morning where you can say goodbye to your new friends. If you have booked the airport drop off add-on, your team leader will drop you at the airport. Meals included: Breakfast & Lunch.

What's Included
  1. All accommodation
  2. All on ground transport Excl. airport transfers
  3. ROV Team Leader
  4. Guided tour of Angkor Wat
  5. Street food tour including bug tasting for the brave! Local massage
  6. All materials for the ROV project
  7. Khmer Culture: Language & History
  8. Siem Reap Culture: Walking Tour
  9. Local Markets & Traditional Carnival
  10. Night out in Bangkok (Koh San Road)

For more details see your Program Booklet.

Included Meals
  1. Breakfast 13
  2. Lunch 13
  3. Dinners 12
  1. Learn to Ride a Cambodian Tuk-Tuk ($15.00)
  2. Save The Elephants t-shirt (Unisex) ($15.00)
  3. Acrobatic Circus ($32.50)
  4. Kulan Mountain ($59.95)
  5. Flight Booking Service ($65.00)
  6. Airport Collection & Drop-Off (Siem Reap -Bangkok or Chiang Mai) ($18.00)
  7. Standard ROV T-Shirt (Unisex) ($10.00)
  8. Floating Village ($47.50)
Airport Information

  • Arrival: Siem Reap International (REP) – you can arrive at any time on the arrival day
  • Departure: Chiang Mai International (CNX) – you can depart at any time on the final day

Need help booking flights? Let us help. With over 10 years experience booking flights we can ensure you get the best value package. We can also arrange special arrival times & locations which are not available without using our booking service. As most of our volunteers use the booking service we can also try to pair you up with other travellers on the same flights.



  • Maddie Kavanagh
    31 May 2019
    Damdin and Sam are some of the greatest people I have ever met and I am so luck that I was able to have them as team leaders. I highly recommend this program to anyone that is considering it. Not only are the team leaders wonderful, but the experience is so eye opening and is something I will never forget!
  • Adrian Knell
    27 Jun 2019
    Both dd and Sam are one of the best team leaders. The projects both help you realize what elephants have been through and that there still needs to be work done. It is a good experience and eye opening.
  • Alison Jorgensen
    23 Dec 2017
    "The program was so much fun! It felt really short but it was amazing. I learned a lot in a short week and I could have even done it for longer. It was really fun to get involved with the culture and the community! I felt like we made a huge contribution, it was so cool to be able to see the amount of progress we made on the jungle gym. I wish we could have finished it but I cannot wait to see the final product! It will benefit the community in so many ways and all the kids were so happy with what we were doing. I loved being able to play with the kids along with work on the project. Making a relationship with the kids is just as important as building the project. It was nice to be able to walk around and see the village as well on the last day. Javi was so amazing! Through everything, he was always upbeat and positive. There were definitely a couple days that were hard to rally people to get working but he did a great job! He really took the time to personally get to know us and made us feel comfortable and welcome the entire time. He was so much fun to get to know and always made me laugh! Definitely do it, it is life changing. The friends you meet, the memories you make, everything you learn, it will all last a lifetime and make you a stronger version of yourself. I'd relive it all again if I could. :)"
  • Alyssa Taylor
    23 Jul 2019
    This was by far one of he best trips I have had! 2 weeks spent with some of the most amazing people in Cambodia and Thailand is something I will remember forever! I was definitely nervous before the trip but after I landed in Siem Reap I just kinda felt at home. Everyone from other volunteers to the team leaders to the locals were fantastic. I made friends I won't soon forget. Not only did I love working with the elephants but I loved being able to learn about the history of these amazing countries, the cultures are so rich and beautiful. One week home and I already wish I could go back! Definitely already planning my next trip!
  • Amy Goodall
    22 Jun 2019
    Great experience for first volunteer trip.
  • Ana Martinez
    20 Jun 2018
    "I loved the kids in the community, and I will never forget how sweet and welcoming they were. I also loved seeing how we were changing a family's life, and they always showed us how thankful they were. Overall, all of my experiences were beyond what I expected, and Ií¢ä‰åä‹¢m so glad I got to be a part of this. I loved the community project and I loved being a part of it. I do think it will make a difference, and Ií¢ä‰åä‹¢m glad I got to experience this. The cultural activities were very fun, and they also gave more insight into the culture. The activities were a fun way of learning, and I enjoyed them very much. My team leader was fun, but also very responsible. They knew how to keep things in order, and they were very caring for everyone."
  • Melissa Brettle
    20 May 2019
    This being my THIRD reach out program, I can honestly say that I had a wonderful time doing the essential Cambodia and Thailand elephant project. Sam is a fantastic local team leader and succeeded in bonding with each volunteer on project and I think that's very special. The program itself was solid: building a dorm for students so that they can learn English was an extremely rewarding experience, and working at the elephant sanctuary in Thailand was an absolute blast. I will remember both of these weeks for the rest of my life! Thank you Sam!
  • Celina Mueller
    27 Jun 2019
    This trip was a great experience! Our leader was enthusiastic and great. We will miss him!
  • David Le
    13 Jul 2019
    Most amazing experience in my life. Met amazing people, experienced a completely different culture. I will be back to ROV to undertake other programs. 10/10.
  • Eric Martinez
    13 Jul 2019
    "Damdin is hands down an amazing guy. He's funny, caring, and knowledgeable and really made the trip a memorable experience The accommodations were better than I anticipated. With nice bathrooms and showers. In Cambodia the accommodation is dormitory style with bunkbeds and A/C, and Laundry service down the road Building at the ROV school is neat. It's an incredible feeling of accomplishment to be able to erect a whole building in a week. Playing soccer with the children is something I'll never forget, as well as the gifts of brackets and cards they gave us at the end of our stay. In Thailand the accommodation is homestay with a family. Two to a room. Some people get AC and Wifi. It's really the luck of the draw. Thankfully my girlfriend and I did. We also had 3 elephants outside our room who were owned by the family we stayed with. We chopped sugarcane to feed the elephants everyday and then walked them down to a river or lake to bathe them. They are huge but surprisingly gentle animals. You still have to be careful not to get squashed though! I can hardly cover each subsection of trip in this review. There is the night life in Siem Reap, the Ladyboy show while having a foot massage, a water park visit, the other travelors. ROV is amazing! <3"
  • Jadyn Soehner
    18 May 2019
    This was my second reach out program. I loved this program just as much as my first one. It's truly amazing that you can see that difference that you are making. I am so proud of the group for all that we accomplished. I know that we all have changed many lives. Walking and swimming with the elephants in Thailand is a once in a lifetime experience. Sam did an amazing job of keeping us all motivated even when digging ditches in 40+ weather didnäó»t sound the best. Sam was able to do amazing work under pressure. This was the first group to depart from Bangkok and Sam did a fantastic job figuring everything out. Thank you so much Reach Out.
  • Josie Klepec
    29 Jul 2019
    From the moment I arrived, I was made to feel so welcome and comfortable! Thankyou to our amazing local team leader Sam and team leaders-in-training Maddy and Emma. You guys made the whole trip run so smoothly and made sure everyone was always feeling happy. I had the most amazing two weeks, met some beautiful people and animals and couldn't have enjoyed myself more. It was super rewarding at the end of the week at the Cambodian school to see the results of our work on the playground and how much the kids loved it. The elephant village experience is once-in-a lifetime and something most people will never be lucky enough to experience. Thankyou ROV for the most fun, challenging, rewarding and culturally immersive 2 weeks!
  • Kevin Soehner
    18 May 2019
    This was a great trip, good mix of work and play. As an older person hanging with young adults can be a lot of fun. Knowing that a dorm was built for students makes the trip worthwhile. Walking and being around the elephants was beyond great. Thank you ROV for providing quality leadership in your people.
  • Lauren Bradney
    31 May 2019
    Spent one week in Cambodia and one week in Thailand. Best two weeks of my life! It was a trip of a lifetime and I enjoyed every minute of it. Damdin and Sam were two of the best team leaders that I could have hoped for! They made this experience truly amazing! I have learned so much in the past two weeks! I highly highly recommend this project!!
  • Maryam Alsadiq
    07 Jun 2019
    If you have any second thoughts don't! Dee Dee and Sam are the best team leaders you will ever have. There are many activities and surprises that are not left in the details (you will get in touch with nature). It will be the best time of your life. Also, do not worry there is a great balance between work and relaxation. The trip supports so much more than you are aware of and it impacts many lives!
  • Mercia Willitts
    06 Jul 2019
    Our first week at the Cambodian Elephant Sanctuary was amazing! Our team leader, Sam, was super in every way and exceeded all our expectations. Everyone at the sanctuary was friendly and eager lend a hand, which definitely helped make the project more enjoyable.
  • Olivia Carstens
    18 May 2019
    This trip and the projects we worked on were amazing. We got to experience the different cultures, get to know community members and make a difference for the kids in Cambodia and help the elephants in Thailand. Not only was this an amazing experience, but the team leaders were incredible! Mariah, Jackson and Sam were all so very positive and enthusiastic which really made the experience that much better. We spent the most time with Sam as he was the only one that came to Thailand with us and he was so caring about every single volunteer and really looked out for every single one of us. He joked around with everyone and contributed to many laughs. He really exceeded all expectations I had for a team leader and was the best ever!!!
  • Rachel Burro
    26 Jul 2019
    Such an amazing trip, Sam was amazing! Well organized, felt very safe with everyone on the trip. Got to experience so many things i couldn't have without Sam and ROV!
  • Rachel Ribeiro
    13 Jul 2019
    I had the most incredible time of my life volunteering in Cambodia and Thailand. I am extremely grateful to have met such an amazing team leader and friends. D.D was super welcoming, caring, ensured that we were always safe and made sure that we had an enjoyable time. I highly recommend this program to anyone who is looking to make a difference to our world - it truly has been the most rewarding experiences ever!
  • Rajeev Persaud
    31 May 2019
    This was by far the most fulfilling experience I've been fortunate to have. The projects were worthwhile, meaningful, and allowed for a realistic experience of the cultures we were immersed in. A large part of this was our team leaders, Damdin and Sam. They were not only professional and tactful, but they also made us feel like family. Reach Out Volunteers has effectively selected people to lead their teams, and I would definitely encourage others to do these projects.
  • Sheldon Wagner
    13 Jul 2019
    My ROV experience by far exceeded my expectations. I have created life long friendships and memories, and have had the absolute time of my life. My team leader made me feel safe at all times, provided me with the best advice and was one of the happiest people I have met. This program was so much fun, and provided a great balance of work and play. I cannot wait to do another ROV program.
  • Tania Koo Sin Lin
    25 May 2019
    Such an incredible experience! Spent two weeks in Cambodia and loved every single minute I'm so sad to be leaving! Thankyou so much to Domdin and Sophean for our first week in the village, and to all the students and teachers we met and spent so much time with an experience I'll never forget! And thank you so much to Sam for our second week at the Elephant sanctuary who took great care of us always making sure we were okay and playing us amazing music on his guitar. I could write so much about this trip but I'll keep it short and sweet! If you are considering doing it please do! You will never regret volunteer work and with a program like reach out you canäó»t go wrong! See you soon Cambodia!
  • April Hoffman
    26 May 2018
    ROV was heavily advertised across my university campus (Ball State University) and after some research, I thought it looked like an excellent program! I had never worked with elephants before and the program dates fit in well with my schedule for the summer so I chose the elephant experience. Washing the elephants was easily something I'll remember for the rest of my life. Seeing an animal so large lumbering about the village was nearly mesmerizing to watch. When it rained in Siem Reap and the streets flooded we had a fun time running around getting tuk-tuks to take us back and it will be a funny memory as well. I think there was a lot of down-time, especially in Thailand, so I didn't expect that, but for the most part, it was what I expected. I wish I knew more about the ceremonies that they did for us in Thailand but they were very welcoming and kind. I think it was a good way to immerse the group into the culture and it gave us a better idea of what their lives are like.
  • Brianna Juarez
    20 Jul 2018
    "I enjoy helping others and have heard many great things about this organization. The most memorable part: the children and their beautiful souls. Ií¢ä‰åä‹¢m glad I have the opportunity to play & teach them. It was a lot better than I expected!! I will most definitely do it again. It was such a great experience, and I can see the progress in the difference I made by helping build a classroom. My team leaders were amazing. They were professional and made sure we were all safe and having a great time"
  • Emma Marrison
    11 Dec 2018
    "ROV came to my University and spoke about some of the programs. It appeared to be a trusted organization with the most to offer. I thoroughly enjoyed immersing into the culture and felt it was an amazing experience. The most memorable parts of this project were working alongside the Elephants. It was incredible to stand before these amazing creatures. Being so close to an elephant was something I had not experienced before. Sam, the team leader was everything and more! He was incredible and really went above and beyond in his role. I felt very safe in his hands from the first day when we were picked up. Sam was professional but still knew how to have fun. He got involved in extra activities with the group and would always make sure everyone got home safe after an evening out. He and the rest of our group got along so well and we bonded a lot over the two weeks. Sam is amazing at his job and works extremely hard to make sure everything runs smoothly. I believe he deserves all the recognition he can get for the work he does!"
  • Gabriela Mora
    20 Jul 2018
    "I absolutely loved my community project. I think we really made a difference in growing the school and demonstrating to the community in the village the importance of education as we were there to help grow the school and connect with the kids. The ability to emerge into the culture and be with the kids in the community; to play around with them and get to know them. Walking around the town and feeling like one of the locals was also great. My team leaders were great. They carried out their roles very well and were always helpful. They made all of us feel comfortable with them and with each other. They had a lot of knowledge of our roles and responsibilities and did their best to make us feel safe and comfortable."
  • Glory Nasseri
    20 Jul 2018
    "The presentation given by ROV at my university really compelled me to take part in a program that can change the lives of people and animals. I loved my community project. It was truly a great experience. I do believe that this project will make a big difference, especially the classroom that I helped build. Speaking to the principal of the school, I know there will be many more children that will hopefully have access to English classes and school. I loved learning phrases in the local language so that I could interact with and learn more about the local people. The activities allowed me to immerse myself in the culture which I appreciate because I like to learn about the new country that I am visiting. My team leader was great at giving instructions and making sure we were doing all of our tasks correctly. Adam was very knowledgeable and kind."
  • Jade Gooden
    20 Jul 2018
    "I wanted a combination of elephants and building but not for too long so this was perfect. The leaving ceremony in the village was amazing, dancing and singing with the children and Chhiakys face and reaction were amazing. It was better than I thought it would be. Swimming with the elephants was also amazing and going to the lake. Definitely, my favorite part I really feel I was making a difference to Chhaiky and her school. You can see the difference you are making as the week goes on. Both team leaders were great, knew what they needed to and it wouldn't have been the same without them. Definitely helped make the experience what it was."
  • Jordan Waldenfels
    01 Dec 2018
    "I wanted to be apart of a non-profit volunteering organization that was doing positive work. Because I wanted to work with elephants, and it went to Thailand as well as Cambodia which was amazing. I was blown away by Sam, our team leader. Sam was so well organized and made us feel safe and welcome. Sam answered every question and did everything for us to make sure we had an enjoyable experience. He really went above and beyond for us in organizing tuk-tuks and making sure we were going to the right places and getting involved. Plus, heí¢ä‰åä‹¢s super funny and so easy to get along with. Our whole group loved him so much. You've really got a superstar working for you guys."
  • Kylie Murphy
    20 Jul 2018
    Sounded like a cool program. I've never been to Asia before. I LOVED it saw a huge difference in the building and community. both of my team leaders were awesome.
  • Natalie Norman
    06 Dec 2018
    "One of my cousins is a team leader and he highly recommended it as a volunteer program. I then looked it up and it appeared to be very well organized and reliable with a variety of programs to choose from! I thought it was a wonderful experience. It surpassed my initial expectations as I didní¢ä‰åä‹¢t initially fully comprehend how much of a difference the rov school has made to the childrení¢ä‰åä‹¢s lives with free English lessons and a wonderful sense of community. I felt that my time building was well spent and that there was definitely continuity in the project- which is something I was looking for. The children were also so adorable, welcoming and grateful! The team leaders were amazing too- I couldní¢ä‰åä‹¢t have hoped for better. All of my team leaders surpassed my expectations. They were entertaining, knowledgeable and generally a lot of fun to be around! Sam was with me for the entire three weeks. It didní¢ä‰åä‹¢t matter how long weí¢ä‰åä‹¢d been out in the sun for or how tired we were he always made us laugh and made sure we were ok. I especially enjoyed our evening guitar/ singing sessions with him! Also if there was ever a problem we could always count on him being there. For instance when on my last day I got hit in the nose after falling off the waterski he and the other team leaders there ( jo and Ann) made sure that the cut was cleaned and that I was taken to the local clinic to see if it was broken ( which it wasní¢ä‰åä‹¢t!)."
  • Rebecca Daniels
    20 Jul 2018
    "I chose ROV because of all the amazing opportunities to make a difference. I also loved the fact they were so transparent with where our money was going. I enjoyed the program very much and definitely felt I made a major difference. Making new life long friends in both people and elephants! It was much better than I ever expected. I loved visiting the different temples it was amazing!"
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