10 Day Cambodian Village & Elephants

  • Duration: 10 DAY(S)
  • Type: Conservation, Wildlife Protection, Volunteer – Volunteering & Conservation
  • Project Rating:
  • Physical Rating:
    – Low to medium fitness

Experience the best of Siem Reap and stay on an Elephant Sanctuary


You will absolutely love Cambodia! Siem Reap is an exciting city with so much to see and do. The evenings are when Siem Reap comes to life with Pub Street at the centre of it all. There are amazing night markets, carnivals, restaurants, and bars, all waiting for you to be discovered. During the day things are more relaxed, but there is still plenty to do. You can visit the incredible Angkor Wat, swim under waterfalls, shop at markets or be treated to a relaxing massage. 

While in Siem Reap you will travel in style by tuk-tuk to a local village to help at the ROV Community School. The local people will welcome you with open arms and you will leave a piece of your heart behind when it is time to say goodbye. 

After your time in Siem Reap you will travel to the Cambodian Eco Sanctuary which is home to rescued elephants, monkeys, dogs and more! All of these beautiful animals have been rescued from illegal logging, the tourism industry, or the local markets, and are now being given a second chance at life. You will be assisting in the rehabilitation of these animals and the day to day running at the sanctuary. Its currently working to become a completely off the grid, self-sufficient sanctuary. 

Basic Itinerary
DAY 1 Itinerary

You can arrive anytime on the first day if you have purchased the airport collection add-on. Your team leader will be waiting for you in an ROV shirt holding an ROV sign. Alternatively, you can meet us at the accommodation listed in your 4 weeks prior to program email. There is a walking tour of Siem Reap in the afternoon and a group dinner giving everyone a chance to get to know each other. Meals included: Dinner

DAY 2 Itinerary

This morning you will travel by tuk-tuk to the ROV Community School which is just outside Siem Reap. There you will have an orientation and meet Chhaiky the principal who has helped grow the ROV school from 30 students to 300 students. All students at the ROV school are receiving a free education thanks to people like you joining our programs. You will then get stuck into the project which may include building a new classroom, library, bathroom, or home for a disadvantaged family. The building projects are always reflective of the needs of the community and will vary from program to program. After dinner, you'll have a Khmer language and history class. Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

DAY 3 Itinerary

Today you'll travel by tuk-tuk back to the ROV School to continue work on the building project. Every day on the building project you will enjoy a traditional home-cooked lunch. This is supporting local village women and providing a source of employment and income for them - the food is also amazing. In the afternoon you can spend time interacting with the students at the school. They are soccer fanatics and love a good dance-off! Or for those who are interested you can learn to drive a tuk-tuk - see the add ons for more information. After dinner be treated to a relaxing traditional Khmer massage. Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

DAY 4 Itinerary

Make sure you've had a good night's sleep as you will be visiting Angkor Wat to see the sunrise! This allows for some pretty amazing Insta snaps! After seeing the breathtaking sunrise over the temples you will have a guided tour of Angkor Wat which is one of the largest religious monuments in the world, and learn about Cambodia's rich history. While on tour you'll even see the famous Ta Prohm Temple which is where Tomb Raider was filmed. On return from Angkor Wat there is free time for those who haven't purchased the Floating village add on. If you have purchased the add on you will visit the floating villages which are on the Tonle Sap lake - South East Asia's largest lake. Locals here live on houses raised by stilts, and you will enjoy a boat cruise through the villages. Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner.

DAY 5 Itinerary

This morning we are once again on our Tuk-Tuks and off to the ROV school. You will finish work on your project and then take part in a farewell party - get those tissues ready! In the afternoon you have the option of visiting a local beach and waterpark. Why not relax under a shaded awning and enjoy a cocktail. What better way to finish up your week. The evening is yours to explore Siem Reap city. You can enjoy drinks in Pub street, shop at the markets, grab a massage or dance the night away. Meals included: Breakfast & Lunch.

DAY 6 Itinerary

Breakfast at the hotel and the chance for a lazy lie-in for those who haven't purchased today's optional activities. You can then the day exploring Siem Reap at your leisure. If you have purchased the add on you will be visiting the beautiful Kulen Mountain, swimming under waterfalls, hiking the nature trails and visiting the sleeping Buddha. Finish the evening with a trip to see the acrobatic circus which is providing a creative outlet for local Cambodian's. Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

DAY 7 Itinerary

Today we head out to the Eco Sanctuary. It's a few hours north of Siem Reap in a jungle/forest area. The Sanctuary is home to elephants who have been rescued from the logging and tourism industries, as well as dogs, monkeys, geese and more. All of whom are being given a second chance at life. After an orientation and time to settle in, you will get to work helping with all the tasks that keep the sanctuary running. These include walking the elephants, feeding the elephants, preparing food for the animals, harvesting ingredients for your own meals etc. Meals included: Breakfast Lunch & Dinner

DAY 8 Itinerary

A full day at the Sanctuary caring for and feeding the animals and walking the elephants. The sanctuary is attempting to be self-sufficient and there is a large vegetable patch where your meals are grown. You may be clearing invasive plants or tieing orange cloths, blessed by monks to deter illegal logging. Meals included: Breakfast Lunch & Dinner

DAY 9 Itinerary

This morning you'll have a chance to say goodbye to all your new furry friends and of course the elephants. Then we travel back to Siem Reap for your final night. There will be free time in the afternoon to catch up on any last-minute shopping or massages. Enjoy a final group dinner and then spend the night soaking up Siem Reap's nightlife. Meals included: Breakfast Lunch & Dinner

DAY 10 Itinerary

Departure day, enjoy a relaxed morning where you can say goodbye to your new friends. If you have booked the Airport drop off add-on, your team leader will drop you at the airport. Meals included: Breakfast & Lunch

What's Included
  1. All accommodation
  2. ROV Team Leader
  3. All on ground transport Excl. airport transfers
  4. Language & History lesson
  5. Local Massage
  6. Street Food Tour Incl bug tasting
  7. Local Carnival
  8. Angkor Wat Entry
  9. Angkor Wat Guide
  10. Angkor Wat Transport
  11. Building Project
  12. ROV T-shirt x1

For more details see your Program Booklet.

Included Meals
  1. Breakfast 9
  2. Lunch 9
  3. Dinner 8
  1. Save The Elephants t-shirt (Unisex) ($15.00)
  2. Kulan Mountain ($59.95)
  3. Acrobatic Circus ($32.50)
  4. Floating Village ($47.50)
  5. Learn to Ride a Cambodian Tuk-Tuk ($15.00)
  6. Flight Booking Service ($65.00)
  7. Standard ROV T-Shirt (Unisex) ($10.00)
  8. Extra Night After Program (Siem Reap) ($45.00)
  9. Airport Collection and Drop-off (Siem Reap) ($20.00)
Airport Information

  • Arrival: Siem Reap International (REP) – you can arrive at any time on the arrival day. Take the Airport Add On and we will be there when you arrive.
  • Departure: Siem Reap International (REP) – you can depart at any time on the final day. Take the Airport Add On and we will return you to the airport.
Need help booking flights? Let us help. With over 10 years experience booking flights we can ensure you get the best value package. We can also arrange special arrival times & locations which are not available without using our booking service. As most of our volunteers use the booking service we can also try to pair you up with other travellers on the same flights.


  • Abby Madsen
    11 Apr 2019
    I have done two other projects before with ROV and have loved them. I left my heart in Cambodia the first time so I could not say no to spending another week with the ROV schools. Months before I found out I was the only one who had signed up for the week and they offered to change it to give me the best experience, but I had booked flights so I chose not too. I was very nervous, but quickly found out I made the right decision. My team leader was Sam and he had two trainees with him. By the end of the trip we were a family, and I regret making my trip only one week. The trainees were extremely nice and very inclusive. They worked really hard to make sure I was having a good time, and how could I not? Sam was an amazing team leader. Because Sam was local he was able to give us his unique perspective on the Cambodian culture. As well as teach me words in Khmer. I was shocked about how much I learned about Cambodia even though it was my second project there. I loved my experience with the school. We put a new roof on one of the older buildings as it was falling apart. It was great to see Domdin again and how much had changed in two years! We had a great time meeting with the kids after our work was done everyday. In the city we were able to explore the markets, eat amazing Khmer food, and learn about the culture. I highly recommend this experience and am still upset it had to end so quickly!
  • Catherine Weiss
    01 May 2019
    Returning volunteer but bringing my niece along for a program. I loved interacting with the children after they had finished their classes for the day. Was great to see how much we got through in 4 days considering we had a very small group Damdin was an excellent team leader! Very kind, trust worthy and amazing human in general Very confident and as he is emotionally close to the project I think this made even more so valuable to us and ROV.
  • Annie Kane
    26 Jul 2019
    This was such an amazing experience and I am so thankful for everyone who helped us on this trip. Sam was an amazing team leader, super helpful and funny (and despite what he says his english is great). His helpers Emma and Maddie were also fabulous and a ton of fun to be around. There was a good balance of fun and work on both projects and I never felt unsafe. All our accommodations were comfortable, and the elephant homestay was especially lovely. I want to do more projects!
  • Catherine Weiss
    01 May 2019
    "Returning volunteer but bringing my niece along for a program. I loved interacting with the children after they had finished their classes for the day. Was great to see how much we got through in 4 days considering we had a very small group Damdin was an excellent team leader! Very kind, trust worthy and amazing human in general Very confident and as he is emotionally close to the project I think this made even more so valuable to us and ROV."
  • Courtney Dacey
    15 Dec 2017
    "Most memorable part was watching the elephants in the water, it was so amazing to see them splashing around in their own environment and it was so incredible to see them happy. I really enjoyed the work we did in the elephant sanctuaries however I feel as though we could have helped more and made a bigger difference. There were so many volunteers yet we only did small amounts of work for the elephants benefit each day and we had heaps of breaks. I feel as though I would have liked to help more and feel like I made more of a difference and this program didn't make me feel that why however it was still a great experience. I really liked Jane, he was super good with his English and you could tell that he had a big heart for the elephants which is someone I loved to surround myself with on the trip! It was so nice to talk with him about the culture and the elephants as he made me feel really passionate."
  • Curtis Jackson
    25 May 2019
    I am just finishing up my second and last week of the Cambodia Essential and Elephants trip. It was such an amazing experience! Everyone in my group is so great and the group leaders (Damdin and Sam) were very fun and organized. This trip was everything I could ask for - 100% recommended.
  • Ellen Niemiec
    03 Feb 2018
    "I really enjoyed the village week because we got to interact with the locals a lot. Having a small group was good because we got to form really good friendships and got to do more of the activities. I really enjoyed the circus performance, temples, a floating village, and the waterfall. Going to the school from the elephant sanctuary was fun but teaching them English was really difficult and seemed like we werení¢ä‰åä‹¢t really helping them. Javi was awesome, always had things organized, was happy to help and made sure we were safe and knew what was happening. I definitely recommend doing an ROV project, the way everything is organized for you makes it a lot easier. you get to make a difference while still visiting the cultural attractions and seeing the country"
  • Emily Evans
    03 Jun 2019
    I had an amazing time on this trip. I met a bunch of really cool people who were other volunteers, tourists, locals, and team leaders. It was fun to come together and work towards something to make a difference. To see that you are making a change at the school with the kids and leave an impact on them is truly rewarding. Everyone had such a big heart. I cant wait to do a different trip with RO volunteers because being a new traveler they answered all my questions over email whether it was big or small- note I literally emailed in the airport asking about visas because I was nervous and they answered- and let me reach out to other members who went on the trip. We did a lot of touristy things. I just wish we learned a little more about the everyday life, and they do need to update their itinerary because we stayed at a hostel instead of the hotel, and other small details. Also, would love to hear more about the organization history and what they do on a wider scale. But, overall I am thankful for being able to have this experience and I wouldn't have wanted to do it anywhere else. Cant wait to learn and experience more with other programs.
  • Erik Knatvold
    06 Jul 2019
    Damdin was an outstanding team leader. He was very helpful, knowledgeable, and fun to be around. The projects were amazing. I could truly see the impact of the work we were doing and how it was helping the community. Reach Out does fantastic work, and their connection within the communities they are helping is authentic. My time in Cambodia has been inspirational and worth every dollar.
  • Hannah Auld
    30 Jun 2019
    I had an amazing first week here in Siem reap. I had zero knowledge of this program until I saw a flyer at my university. I quickly went on the website and immediately wanted to sign up. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made. D.D. has been an incredible leader to our group, making sure everyone is healthy, safe, and having a good time. I absolutely want to do every program that ROV has to offer.
  • Jordan Austin
    19 May 2018
    "I loved the whole program! This has been such an inspiring experience and has given me a new perspective on this amazing country, culture, and people. I enjoyed playing with the kids, meeting new people, building a house for an amazing family of 8 and spending time with the animals at the sanctuary. I loved hanging out with the kids and seeing the elephants but the most memorable part of this trip and what I will take with me is how happy and friendly Cambodian people are considering their past and how little they have. As hard as it was I am so glad I did the village program. I feel that I enjoyed that week a little bit more only because I was able to see what we had done and the difference it made to the family. They were so happy and thankful when we returned to see the finished product and it made me feel so happy as well. I will be returning one day to visit this family and lively community and hopefully build another house to change another families life. The only thing I didn't enjoy was not being able to spend more time with the elephants. After viewing the video and photos and reading the program I expected to spend a lot more time with elephants. Also considering the program was called essential Cambodia and Cambodian elephants we spent more time with the dogs than elephants. However, did love spending time with the dogs too it was just disappointing about the elephants. I loved everything else. :) Loved them all! Always trying to make sure the volunteers were happy and enjoying their time. Kim and Adam were super friendly and knowledgeable. Adam, especially with his prior experience and Kim, always sharing stories and knowledge about Cambodia. I think Everything ran smoothly and they did an awesome job. My next team leader will have a big role to fill. :) The things Adam has done with ROV has totally inspired me and I think it would be challenging but awesome to be a team leader!"
  • Jordan Howie
    24 Jun 2018
    "I love everything ROV stands for and the noticeable effects they have in the communities. This has been my second ROV program and it probably will not be my last :) After my program in Peru 2 years ago, I was inspired to do more. I've always heard good things about the Cambodia project and my expectations were not let down once here. My favourite part of the project was standing up the frame of the house we were building and finally seeing it as it began to look like a home. Damdin super funny and will always do his best to put smiles on everyone's faces. He is an amazing leader and the project would not be the same without him. Elaura is also one of the best team leaders I've met. She's always got stories and jokes to tell while staying focused on the task. *side note* if I ever end up applying to work for ROV, it will be because of her. She is very passionate about ROV and it inspires me to keep helping others at home and abroad."
  • Maddie Kavanagh
    01 Dec 2018
    "Love animals love the environment. School teaching and feeding elephants Didní¢ä‰åä‹¢t expect the reaching but it is very meaningful It is amazing and everything is excellent. Excellent Thoughtful Caring Professional"
  • Kaitlyn Smith
    07 Jun 2018
    "The ""bigger picture"" is something that I care greatly about, and ROV seemed like precisely the way that I could become involved with it. Community service and improving the quality of life for any and all people is how I plan to spend my future, and participating in an ROV program seemed like a great way to do this. Also, I looked forward to the chance to meet new people, both volunteers, and citizens of other countries. Honestly, interacting with the elephants was the most memorable part of the trip, particularly during the jungle and river walks. It was cool to walk alongside the creatures that we are working to save! The trip exceeded my expectations and has left me with a desire to partake in more ROV programs. I loved my community project! It was incredibly cool to see the direct impact we had on the Cambodian & Thai elephants. We dug deep holes to use for building an elephant shelter, cut down sugar cane then chopped it into pieces to prepare the elephantí¢ä‰åä‹¢s meals, planted new sugar cane fields, and completely many other tasks that allow the local Thai people to have more time to do other tasks to improve the lives of the elephants. I know that we made a difference despite the fact that no great changes can occur overnight. I loved our cultural activities! In Cambodia, we got to be blessed by a monk at the sanctuary, which was a once in a lifetime experience, and we also had the incredible opportunity to explore Angkor Wat (which was mind-boggling beautiful, despite the abuse of the elephants who built it so long ago). Our team leader, Adam, was awesome! I had been on participated in the marine program with Jade as my team leader, and I honestly had not expected anyone to be as good a team leader as her, but Adam exceeded my expectations! He was constantly there to help out in any ways possible, and he handled difficult decisions in a great manner. He constantly kept our spirits high, and never failed to keep us on track!"
  • Katelyn Fox
    05 Jan 2018
    "I loved the elephants and I enjoyed most of the work. The school trip was also great. There was not much variety in the food. It was mostly ehat I expected although I thought we would be with the elephants a little more. I feel like during the time I was at the Cambodian elephant sanctuary I helped out a lot in respect to the daily jobs that have to be done at the sanctuary. This made it easier for the workers. However, I'm not sure how most of the work that we did will benefit in the long run. It would have been nice to complete a project like a dam rather than just scoop poo every day. The school trip was amazing and really made the trip so much better. It was nice to be fully emersed in the food aspect as well. Rameth was great! He was so kind, welcoming, and fun while still being professional. Do it. You won't regret it."
  • Kelsey Flannery
    18 May 2019
    I have just had the most amazing two weeks for my second ROV program. This year even better than last. Not only were we helping in a community in need, we were immersed in all of the culture and love of the Cambodian people. I highly recommend doing this program. The Team Leaders Sam and DD have been awesome, teaching us life long building skills and supporting and caring for us every step of the way. I have made some lifelong friends and I have to give the credit to the whole Reach Out Team. You are amazing and thanks so much for the adventure!
  • leonel tomala
    18 Jun 2018
    "I like to work with kids and elephants, so the idea of changing the lives of kids and elephants made the decision for me. Metting people from all around the world was definitely the best part of the program. It was better than I expedited it. I really enjoyed it, every single day of it. I think It will make a change in people and in the long run, the change we make now in the community will be taken to the world I loved it. I got to know the know and ití¢ä‰åä‹¢s culture more in deep because we lived we locals who taught us their traditions and believes My team leaders were awesome. I love them both. They teach us by example. They work really hard and nonstop to provide us with the best"
  • Madeline Berry
    22 Jun 2018
    "I chose this project because I wanted to work with both people and animals, and I wanted to see and volunteer in Cambodia. This experience was beyond what I expected and was amazing. I preferred the village to the elephant sanctuary but both were special and incredible experiences. I liked going to the schools, going to the market, the Kulen waterfalls, and interacting with the elephants. I thoroughly enjoyed the community project. I felt very fulfilled with the work we were doing. I really enjoyed working with the locals and the schoolchildren and felt like we were truly making a difference. I very much enjoyed the cultural activities because it allowed us to truly experience Cambodia and Siem Reap. I liked that some of the activities were also not always obligatory so if you were tired one day you weren't required to do it."
  • Maya Hosabettu
    06 Jul 2019
    As cliche as this sounds, this trip was life changing. I never would have been able to do these things without Reach Out. I would recommend this trip to all my friends. My team leader was also so amazing and inspiring.
  • Melissa Brettle
    23 Feb 2019
    "The highlight would be how well we worked as a team in the school. It was also very memorable to see how grateful and thankful all the school kids were for the work ROV does for their community I loved it and I believe that it is truly making a difference. What stood out most to me was how grateful the community was for our help Yes, I found the cultural activities we did shed lots of light on the Khmer culture more than if I were to travel on my own. While I enjoyed all the activities, I also found them educational and eye-opening. Rachel was an amazing team leader! She made sure we were all safe but still thoroughly enjoying our time. Rachel also was amazing at explaining all the cultural significance and history for us wherever we went so that we could have a better understanding of what we doing."
  • Natalie Ramirez
    03 Jun 2018
    "I chose ROV because when the recruitment staff came to my campus to discuss the ROV project they seemed as if they were very passionate about the program and they showed how ROV made a difference. The most memorable part of the project was during a work day I was able to bond with one of the students at the ROV school. We were able to talk about her life and I felt like we were having a great time. I felt like it was better than what I expected. I genuinely enjoyed the project and especially my team leader. The people in the village made me feel very welcomed and I could tell they were very thankful for our work done. I thought she was a great team leader and always made me feel like what we were doing was extremely important because of the difference we will be making. She carried out her role by making sure that we safe during the whole program and she was very available to us. I know I could always count on her if I needed help."
  • Preston Simmons
    24 May 2019
    I had a wonderful time in Cambodia I felt like I made a second home. The team leaders are great and the locals are great. I highly recommend.
  • Rilynn Epp
    16 Jun 2018
    "I chose ROV because they came to my university and did an info session about it. I looked ROV up online afterwards and they had lots of info about it. It seemed safe and legit. ROV gave me the opportunity to help others who needed it most. Most memorable parts of my trip was the carnival, the circus, spending time with the kids after school, seeing the progress of the house being built, and the goodbye ceremonies they put on for us with the school children. This trip was everything I expected and more. I have such a feel good feeling in my heart because of this trip and it helped me be assured of my path in life and of myself. I absolutely loved the project! Our team got so much work done and accomplished a lot throughout the week. It was hard work, especially in the hot sun but it was so worth it. To hear and see the family so happy and grateful at the end of the week really made me feel good that I decided to do this. The kids at the school were also so grateful for us too. I feel like I helped give that family a second chance and a better life and Ií¢ä‰åä‹¢m very happy about the work our team accomplished. I looooooved how immersed we were into Khmer culture. We got to go to the carnival, and the circus just like people of that community would do. We ate food at the same places they would eat, and we did lots of things that they would do. I felt like I got to see the real Siem Reap because we were working and building relationships with the people and not just being tourists. I feel like I can really tell my family and friends what Khmer people are like and about theyí¢ä‰åä‹¢re ceremonies and activities and food and land etc. Damdin is a true gift from the heavens. He is the most caring, genuine, helpful person on the planet. He made sure everyone worked hard, was involved and included, and was having a good time. He was so responsible, on time and organized. From the moment we met at the airport until the moment I left he just embraced and welcomed me and all other team members with open arms. I am so grateful to have met him and build a relationship with him and his wife. He truly wants to see people succeed and live up to their full potential. He is a true icon of ROV. You should feel lucky to have him as apart of your team :)"
  • Robin F Morrison
    19 Jan 2019
    "I really enjoyed both weeks. My favorite was the week in the village because I felt that we did more work there and made a bigger difference than at the eco sanctuary. While working at the sanctuary was rewarding I feel like we didn't leave a lasting impact, we just stuff that needed to happen every day and while that was important it did not leave me with the same feeling of purpose as helping to build a library for the school did. There was no one day that stood out to me as being the most memorable. Each day was different and held new learning opportunities and exciting projects. Going into the program my only expectation was that I would be helping a community in some way. The village definitely met my expectations and I left there feeling as if I had made a positive difference. I had two team leaders. Sam for the first week and Damdin for the second week. Both team leaders were awesome. They made sure that everyone was enjoying themselves and they somehow managed to meet everyone's needs and wants even if we all had different ones. While both of them had great leadership qualities and we always turned to them for questions, guidance, or advice both of them were also our friends."
  • Sierra Sutcliffe
    19 May 2018
    "I loved all the people on the program and getting to actually see a difference be made. I didn't really have any expectations coming into it. The most memorable parts were feeding elephants, putting up the frame of the house, and getting to know the other volunteers I definitely feel that our work was worthwhile. It's amazing that in just two weeks a deserving family got a new house. And being able to play with the children and teach them a bit of English helped show me how important that is for their future and their communities I really liked the circus, I think that was the most fun cultural activity for me. I also really enjoyed going to the various temples and Angkor Wat but ití¢ä‰åä‹¢s too bad that we were kicked out before sunset and were rushed. Maybe if we spent less time at Kulen mountain we could wander the temples some more Both Adam and Kim were amazing! They did a great job wrangling 20 people and going with the flow at the elephant sanctuary. They were very personable and fun but were good at keeping everyone in line."
  • Socheatha Som
    27 Jul 2018
    "I chose this project because I myself am Cambodian and I wanted to learn more about where my parents and ancestors come from. It was not what I expected, it was definitely life changing and I for sure want to go on more projects and even have inspired my friends and family to look into going on some. The most memorable parts of the project was playing with the kids on our free time, I remember it started pouring rain and I took off my shoes and started to run around in the mud with the children, also, the ceremony they had for us at the end of the week, it was really sad when they sang us songs and gave us cards but its something I will never forget. I loved my community project, I had never done anything like this before and am really proud to say that I have, everyday going to the village I felt like I made a difference in some kids' lives, I made sure to talk to them and play with them everyday. I loved my team leader, she was always there for us, for whatever we needed, I, unfortunately, had everything wrong on this trip and Jade made sure I had everything I needed and was really understanding."
  • Taylor Colburn
    26 May 2019
    This was an amazing experience and was a very heartwarming experience. I loved how they explained the culture to help the experience!
  • Taylor Friesen
    26 May 2019
    Best experience ever. Recommend it!
  • Trudy Haines
    13 Dec 2016
    Dear Hayley. I just want to express my heartfelt thanks for the wonderful trip to Cambodia. It was the best overseas trip I have done (have travelled quite a lot!!). Our fearless and most beautiful leader, Kenzie was an inspiration and great role model for our students, and myself. She made the experience very precious and memorable. Kenzie was always organized and professional. Thank you for helping this wonderful organization and I am now planning to do a program in Peru in 3 years-inspired by Kenzie!!!! Regards,
  • Victoria Thurer
    06 Jun 2018
    "I love elephants, nature, and children and helping both the environment and kids in any way and I have been wanting to do something like this for a very long time and when my friend announced this I thought it would be a wonderful opportunity. The most memorable parts to me would definitely be teaching the kids English and numbers at the school just the way they looked up to us and kept hugging and squeezing us made me feel like I mattered and was making a difference in each of their lives. Along with that, the walk through the jungle with the elephants was just incredible to me, the peacefulness and beautiful scenery is something I will never forget. This trip was everything and even better than I expected! Yes, I enjoyed everything and all the work we did for the week in the sanctuary. Although the little things might not feel like I was making a difference such as planting the trees however, I know in the long run it will make a difference. I loved my team leaders Sam and Adam. They were both so great in every way. I always felt safe with them and they were so funny, kind, and personable and definitely made this trip more memorable."
  • Maxine Huntsinger
    19 Jun 2018
    "It is a good platform providing multiple options for volunteering experiences. What I like about it is that I get to choose the continent that I wish to go. Also, I signed up through university and it provides multiple footages of testimony from the students, therefore, it is reassuring and safe. The most memorable part of the project for me is when the local kids bid us goodbye. They thanked us by singing to us, handing us token of appreciation with their handmade cards and bracelet. Our tears were rolling down and I really appreciate that moment. It will stay in my heart forever. Yes, I enjoyed it very much. It will definitely make a difference not only to the community but also to all the volunteers. It is in fact a life changing experience for me as I realised that my contribution can make such a big impact to people's lives. The world can surely become a better place when we spread the love around. My Team Leader is the best Team Leader I've ever met. He is a responsible, funny, friendly, helpful, caring person. He always carries a smile on his face, making us feel warm. He assigned us to different groups and different tasks everyday and always get all of us involve in the community work. He gives us enough rest by giving us water breaks. He puts a lot of effort not only on the project but also the bonding time with us. He paid attention to each and every single one of us and our needs despite he has so many things on hand. He truly deserves respect."
  • Gaayithri Ravintharan
    19 Jul 2018
    "For me I think the interactions I had with the locals and the other volunteers were the most memorable. Obviously all of the volunteers signed on, and everyone wants to be there so the environment we're working in is very driven and supportive. Everyone gets involved and pushes themselves (and each other), and it's just very overwhelmingly positive. The locals live very simple and humble. I thought that they really cherished their time every day and were so cheerful. It's sort of like a ""time is not going to stop or slow down, so why not be happy now"" sort of attitude. They probably don't all have carefree lives, but are still strong despite it all. I really hope I can learn from them. The project was essentially what I expected, apart from the fact that everyone is telling us that we've done a huge amazing thing for the villagers! That may be true, but I honestly feel like they have given me more than I have been able to provide to them. The children let us in on their games, share their candy, made us bracelets and cards. Lunch is cooked for us, and we're always welcomed with a smile. I am so, so grateful to have been part of all this happiness. Of course! It's so amazing seeing everything come together and knowing that I've directly helped to make a difference. Rather than just donating money to charities, it's so much more satisfying and rewarding to actually be there making it happen I've kind of got my feet in different boats- being Singaporean but studying and growing up in New Zealand. I think it's very important to be culturally educated and aware when travelling abroad, so the immersion was great. I found the cultural activities extremely valuable. The Phare circus was definitely a major highlight out of all the activities just because of the causes and meanings behind it. I'd definitely go again! Adam was absolutely amazing, always kept up the energy. I basically felt instantly at home. He was really chill and approachable, and I could clearly feel that he believed wholeheartedly in the work that ROV does."
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