ROV School

Siem Reap

Education is the key to progress and advancement. We support local communities in all efforts to provide education for their children.

In a village outside of Siem Reap in Cambodia Reach Out Volunteers Charity operates a school for 215 village childen.

The principal is Chaiky Theourm. Take a moment to hear from Chaiky.

Kitchen & Creche project

Feeding the Children

Many Zimbabweans have crossed the Limpopo River to live in Sth Africa. A community has established subsistence agriculture in the Dukuduku forest near St Lucia on the eastern seaboard.

In Africa the women work the fields. The yound children are left at the side of the field. There is no shelter, food or sanitary facilities available to them.

ROV has built four créches with attached kitchens for mothers to safely leave the children. Each créche has a toilet, freshwater supply and a vegetable patch. We provide a cooked meal for the children on each working day.

Volunteers build the creches and your donations help us pay for the cost of food and fuel for the kitchens.

Peru Project

Chimneys & Greenhouses

High in the Andes mountains the days are cool and the growing season is short. Villagers build homes to retain the warmth.

The poor ventilation increases the warmth but the homes are often smoke filled. The women and children, who spend most time at home, have very high rates of lung and throat cancer. The short growing season limits the amount and the diversity of what can be grown.

Volunteers fit new stoves and chimneys that ventilate with little loss of heat. They build simple green houses to expand the range and the quantity of food for the villagers. This is a simple but high impact program.


Rescue and Rehabilitation

Our volunteers are active in wildlife conservation, rescue and rehabilation. Whether its rhinos and cheetahs in Africa or elephants and monkeys in Asia, we are there.

Our volunteers have been active in removing poachers traps, preserving native forest, clearing invasive species, tracking and monitoring wildlife numbers, re-establishing damaged coral reefs and caring for and feeding endangered animals across the globe.

If you love wildlife and want to support our work please consider making a donation to our Charity.

Our Projects

Our programs are amazing. They involve high impact, low tech, sustainable projects developed and designed by the local community to bring immediate benefits to villages and to local wildlife.

You have to come on a program to understand the power of what we do. You will be fully immersed in another culture and surrounded by amazing volunteers. You will work hand in hand with local people. You will see exactly where the Charity spend your money and you will be moved by the dramatic impact that your effort will make to the lives of the wonderful villagers you will meet.

When you look back on your project, instead of saying “I wish I had” you will think “I’m glad I did”.

Why Volunteer
  • Because you can make a difference.
  • You will have a great time.
  • You will see where your donation is going.
  • It will change you in postive and unexpected ways.
  • You will meet some great people and make lifelong friendships.
Can you make a diference?

Yes! Every person has the ability to make a diference, and this is your opportunity to reach out and help! Since 2011 our volunteers have built numerous houses for impoverished families and at-risk adolescents; they have installed clean-water catchments and sanitation systems; they created simple food sources — such as fshing ponds and artifcial reefs — and built animal enclosures; and they planted sustainable vegetable gardens that beneft entire villages. From homes to classrooms, from new food sources to supplies of clean water and medications, each of our activities has made a real diference.


We believe in volunteering.

We see the immense good it does for both the villagers and the volunteers. Sometimes there is discussion in the media about volunteering. Usually the ariticles are balances but not always so. Below we have set out some of the reasons why we believe in volunteering along with some of the criticisms that are made and our response to them. Feel free to email us if you believe we have missed anything in the discussion below.

Do volunteers take local jobs?

We agree that volunteers should help create jobs and not take the jobs of locals. On all our projects, local skilled workers do all the carpentry, plumbing and electrical work. Local labor does all heavy lifting and digging where the ground is hard. Local businesses supply all tools, materials and equipment. Local restaurants and villagers provide all meals. Local tuk-tuk drivers provide the majority of our transport. Local people provide all cleaning service. The funds provided by the volunteers create all these jobs for villagers and pay for all the purchases we make on their behalf. Without the volunteers the paid employment and the business opportunities would not exist for the local people.

Do short-term volunteers do more harm than good?

We agree that volunteers should not attempt to assume the role of competent professionals in areas where they have no training or background. Good intentions are not enough and can do more harm than good.

The only professional people that we supply are teachers and trainee teachers and all must have a police check. Trainee teachers work under the supervision of trained local teachers unless the school does not have any trained teachers.

The vast majority of volunteers are involved in simple but high impact construction projects at crèches, schools and isolated villages. New teams of volunteers arrive at a project every two weeks of their summer vacation period. They do not attempt to replace the role of the existing care-givers. They work on building projects under the supervision of local trades people.

Two of our African crèches have been registered as government approved institutions and are now supplied with government paid, qualified care givers as well as a daily food allowance. See here; Africa Creche Project.

In Peru we have installed stoves with a flue to remove domestic cooking smoke, which causes very high cancer rates in the villagers in the high Andes. Peru Green House Project.

There are many other examples such as the 25 homes and 30 classrooms we have built and repaired in Cambodia. ROV Home Construction Cambodia or the 15 green houses we have built in Peru. Peru Chimney Project.

Every aspect of your program has safety as its highest priority.

We organize your program from start to finish. If you arrive at the airport on the day the program commences, there will be a Reach Out Volunteer representative to meet you. The Reach Out Volunteer project leader will be with your group for the entire duration of the program and will be available 24/7 to help in any given situation.

You will be living in a shared, same-sex room (whenever it is available) in clean, hygienic, and safe accommodation.

You will have constant access to safe drinking water. During your time at the elephant sanctuary, you will be under the supervision of experienced guides and mahouts. If you choose an extension Reach Out Volunteers will provide ground transportation to the next program location where a Reach Out Volunteer representative will meet you.